This has been the busiest first week in a new city ever!

Right now, we're living out of our hotel room, our cramped and heavily air-conditioned room.  I have completely unpacked into the closet, while Sean's stuff is in a tall pile in the corner of the room.  We don't have much space, but we do have the cutest little dish soap I've ever seen.

This week's goal was to find an apartment!  We visited ELEVEN properties!  Most of them were cool and a few had kick-ass views of downtown and the Rockies.  ($$$)  One place had a bedroom that opened up right to the Platte River, but the hallways were kind of rapey and the property manager was full on crazy.  We decided on a sweet 3rd floor flat in Uptown.  We are smack in between downtown and City Park.  The neighborhood is walkable and the building has a hot tub.  

On day three, we welcomed our first out of town visitor!  It was so great that Ben was here, because it forced us to go out and do a bunch of touristy-foodie things.  We ate at Linger, Denver Biscuit Company, Sweet Action, Licks, and Steuben's (twice).  And how can I forget, CASA BONITA.  The Disneyland of Mexican Restaurants.

Don't eat the food there.  You will get diarrhea. 

We hiked at Red Rocks and walked around the Science Museum and drove around the entire city and swam in the hotel pool and Sean and I watched the entire series of Wet Hot American Summer.

I saw my first tornado!

We met a dragon and a unicorn!

And then FINALLY we got word that we were approved for our apartment so we celebrated with MANI PEDIs! 

Stay tuned to hear about our adventures in the next few weeks as we explore different neighborhoods and try not to kill each other in our 12x12 room.



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